About us

Sure, you're probably really interested in tasting some of our clumpy, crunchy, healthy blend of granola, but if you're here, maybe you're still deciding which kind to get, or perhaps you're an excited fan of ours (good to see you again!). Either way, like an underdog superhero, we've got a delightful origin story.

Our Humble Origins

We were founded– truly– by popular demand. Barbara, head baker and owner, has spent decades devising the ideal granola recipe, aiming for varieties to satisfy everyone in her circles, from triathletes to trail hikers, diabetics to health nuts, and of course the granola aficionados in the family.

She knew she'd found the perfect balance when those same friends and family tried her latest revision and said "Stop! Don't change anything else! It's absolutely perfect!" An idea had come to full fruition.

Trail Running

Heart-Healthy Whole Grains And Flax For Peak Performance, At Work Or At Play, Or Just To Get Through The Day

Gosh, Are We Popular

Suddenly requests for Barbara's granola exploded. It seemed that as if overnight, demand from family, friends, and friends of friends had grown to the point of needing a fully licensed bakery to handle the volume.

And so Blackberry Hills Bakery was founded, with a focus on the health and wellness of average joes, athletes, and families. With classic granola and portable Trail Bites lineups, Barbara's perfectly-balanced varieties of granola can replace your boring old granola bar, making it great for any meal or snack.

I absolutely love the No Sir, No Nuts Trail Bites! I stumbled upon these in a store in North Carolina and ever since, I have had them shipped to my house across the US. I have never eaten a better granola.

Having travelled all over the world, I can definitely say that this is the best granola in the world! And....it does travel with me in my suitcase all over the world, too. I cannot live without it."


To The Moon!

With an increasing presence in some local grocery stores, we've started to get requests from people all across the country who tried our granola and then found they simply couldn't get it at home. So now we're selling our main varieties online, for easy straight-to-your-door convenience, direct from our bakery in the rolling hills of Tennessee.

Rolling hills in Tennessee, our bakery hidden in the trees


No Sad Customers

We work incredibly hard to make sure our granola is fresh and top-tier stuff, and we hope you'll agree. If, however, for any reason you're unsatisfied with a product you purchased from us, we will promptly replace the item or refund your money, no questions asked. Simply contact us via phone or e-mail and let us know how we let you down. We hope every customer is a happy customer, excited to recommend us to everyone.

A Note On Allergies

All of our products are baked in a wheat-free facility which uses tree nuts. Although we try to be extremely careful, anyone with an allergy or sensitivity to nuts or wheat should not eat our products. We also cannot fully guarantee there will never be a nut shell or any bad nuts in any of our products. Although every effort is made to protect you, the consumer, by purchasing from reputable and well-established sources, we are unable to control their environment. We are in a constant mode of checking ingredients as they are added to our products, but occasionally, something may slip by which we do not catch. It is our intention to use the finest and freshest ingredients we can find. If something disagrees with you– please accept our sincere apologies, let us know, and we will abide by our satisfaction guarantee.